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Note to the group:

When making holes in plastic and metal, a hole punch is ideal
for larger holes but I have used a hole saw set purchased at
Harbor Freight for successful holes with little problem. In fact,
I used a battery operated hand drill exclusively for making the
holes and for driving screws, where appropriate. Just take your
time and go slowly. As always, using a hole saw is not done
with any degree of carelessness and putting the material on
top of a 2X4 board is better than finding a hold in a desk where
the pilot drill goes beyond the work piece.

Just an idea for the hands-on workman.

Also, for the uBitx, I used a wooden base, actually it was
a wooden painting piece from Walmart and the top, sides
and back were made from a Dry Marker board from Lowes.
The front was a piece of sheet metal from the "innards" of
an old toaster that was a sheet metal shield. To make the
window for the display, I used a nibbler. Next time, I plan
to get a pre-made box because it will be more compact this
way and no need to worry about making holes for cooling
the heat sinks.

Just more possible ideas for those who like to use their hands.
This comes from someone who went to Tool & Die school at
IBM in the late '60's and I don't like to wait to see the radio in
actual working mode.

Bob — KK5R


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#yiv3605895103 Dexter,That is fine if you have one
and if it fits into your panel design.  It was easier for
me to drill a couple of hole than to try to retrofit a 5 or
6 jack assembly from an old computer.  But, if It works for
you, go for it.
 Thanks for the
suggestion.Al  Sent from Mail
for Windows 10
 From: Dexter N
Sent: Wednesday, January 9,
2019 7:16 PM
Subject: Re: [BITX20] JackAl Encoder
 Isolated headphone
jack? How ancient is your junkbox? Old sound cards have them
in various forms - even color-coded.
73 de

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