Re: ND6T AGC Troubleshooting



reply gratefully appreciated. 

base is biased at 0.67 volts, and collector is at 5.07 volts as the raduino supply.  so this looks okay in terms of biasing the transistor. 

I have the rig plugged into a MA8040 vertical with a nice radial field here on the east coast.  I tune across 40m and look for huge signals.  A loud SSB, or much higher a shortwave broadcast has me cranking the volume down as low as it can go to stand it with headphones. 

resistance across the volume control pot is 9.9 k ohms, and I get same value when I touch the screw at the corner of the main board. 

At this point, in the circuit installed - I only have a 100k resistor and a 2.5 uF capacitor (non-polarized, I measured it to confirm) loading the output of the rectifier.  I built this board as a take 2, the other one is behaving similar with a MOSFET installed. 

the diodes each measure around 0.58 on diode setting of my DVM.  They seem to be diodes. 


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