Re: uBitx V4 test point measurement chart #ubitx #ubitx-help


Good day, Raj.

A DC chart would be great.  What I have for diagnostics besides a few good DVM's are a dual-trace oscilloscope, an audio signal tracer, a single tone source, and another HF radio. Back when I worked in a business-radio shop with a proper service monitor, a popular trick was to take a piece of RG-58 from the instrument's RF input and put about a 20mm loop of the inner conductor folded around and back to the shield as a "sniffer". That's what I've done to find the last place the signal appears with any noticeable force at all.  Crude, but effective. Without knowing what I should see at Q90 and beyond, I'm basically just guessing. 

Nothing is obviously burned or exploded except my self-respect at this point!


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