ND6T AGC Troubleshooting


I am beside myself that I cannot get this simple circuit doing something with the ubitx.  I am starting with the simple version with a single MOSFET, and I may add the series one later. 

I built one unit - nada.  So I build a second one, and left off the MOSFET.  I have its input attached to high side of the volume control pot (I think it is 10k in the Sunil case version), the ground attached to a connector in the closest corner of the board, and 5 volts from the raduino.  No matter how huge the signal -- I get no rectified voltage output.  What could I be doing wrong?  With hundreds of these boards in uBITX I am surprised by my result thus far. 

I am using a 2n2222A for the NPN, I have tried 3 different devices.  Yes the diodes each work on the DVM, and they are proper orientation. 

I also could not get the VK3YE AGC to work either.  The ubitx receives wonderfully and I am testing on 40m. 

73 Curt

PS - I do have a hybrid cascode but I am thinking to use it in a homebrew Rx -- not sure I wish to 'break' one of the bidirectional amplifiers here.  my goal is just to AGC the very largest signals. 

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