Re: Tracing receive signal for low signal

Dave Space

Question can you use a capacitance meter to calculate inductance in circuit?

The ESR Meter

Uses 100khz to measure and returns a ohms resistance

So then the formula Z=2*pi*f*L in theory would be able to solve for L to get the amount in H for the inductor.
Z would be the ohms measured at 100khz.

I got on 2 of the windings for T1 it got 17.8 and 0.33 ohms ,18.1 ohms, and 

Presuming that works it comes out to 28.8uH, 525nH, 28.3uH

I have no idea what T1 is supposed to be I don't see any markings on the schematic.

Is that a viable approximation at measuring?

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