Audio mixer and dynamic microphone on ubitx #ubitx #ssb


Hi there.

First off : please don't start a "Hifi @ssb" discussion, this is not my Intention.

I am using a Behringer Q802USB audio mixer and a Behringer C1 dynamic microphone and went for the mixer because it wasn't much more expensive than the USB Soundcard needed for digimodes.

Now i'm looking to find a way to properly connect it to the ubitx. Without modification i am sure to overdrive the mic-amp and i dont want to cause distortion or IMD.

The mixer output  is 120Ohm +22dB max gain. Digimode works fine ( gain low ), mic sounds distorted even on the phones out as soon as the mixer is connected to the rig, using a 1:1 600Ohm Isolation transformer.

So - do i need to bypass the internal mic preamp to get some kind of "line in" and/or do i need  additional audio attenuation ?


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