Re: uBITX w/mods & case for sale

Gordon Gibby <ggibby@...>

I’ll take it!

On Jan 1, 2019, at 11:51, PeteWK8S via Groups.Io <pmeier@...> wrote:

For sale is my early version uBITX with mods in a nice 3D printed case with tilt stand and includes external speaker also in 3D case. No mic as I'm a CW guy. Here are the details: Raduino has 4.7K installed between P2(keyer) and P3(5+v), CW key jack wired P2(Tip)10K and P3(sleeve)2.2K to Raduino P2(works with KD8CEC firmware), BCI filter installed in RX line on PCB, Pot replacing R250 to add VK3ELH mod for TX Pop fix(not installed), added momentary push button replacing tuning encoder push button function, installed NDGT automatic RF Gain (AGC) SMD circuit allowing KD8CEC S-Meter, installed NM0S(Four State Qrp) audio CW filter modded with relay allowing switching out of circuit, replace Green LCD with BLUE LCD, wiring allows easy removal of uBITX for additional mods and etc. All installed in Blue case with Red faceplate. Running KD8CEC v1.107 and getting rated power out...about 12 watts. All working well with no issues.<IMG_0667.jpeg>

Price is $125 plus shipping (probably around $15 or so)

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