Re: My list of mods and Chronology of Installation #ubitx

Daniel Conklin

The inductors I used are these:
Notice they are shielded 1210 inductors, as recommended. I have read every post on this board before making my choices, and Raj made the recommendations because he tried this fix on several boards with similar results.  He further stated that the Axicom relay fix of the band filters also helps knock down the spurs, which makes sense.
I made this post as a homenaje to those that have done the work to find and test solutions, and as a sort of collection of fixes that I have actually tried.  As I said, I'm happy with the results.  This may encourage someone else, who may be having trouble finding all of the information in the sea of posts, to complete their uBITX and get on the air with it.
73, Daniel  W2DLC

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