power and mic wiring

ross ingham

Greetins fellow bitx users. Back in the day,1968,  I was a member of the Narrogin radio club and hung out with a bunch of old geezers,one who had a straight six saloon with a back seat that took 10 young blokes. We would build crystal sets and  hang out on the 20 and 6 meatre band. So this is an old guy has retired and getting back into hf radio. I have ordered a microbitx kit and am going through the build in my head . So here are my questions: I intend to put chassis mounted fuses in the power curcuit, do I need to put a fuse on each of the two power feed wires or can I use the same fuse and does the diode stay across from power to ground? Next , I  intend to use four pin mic socket and mic, the blue is ground but if I get the other two wires back to front it be a problem? If someone coule send me a schematic that would make eternally grreatful.
At the moment I am trying to reserect a 1930s Honeywell reciever,some of the valves are not getting hot so I  suspect they are kangeroo edward. I  put up a dipole over Christmas that is ten metres a side, works a treat for my brothers portable on 7.130 but the reciever,nothing. But oh well my othe brother is the valve guy so all good. Cheers and a happy new year. Ross 

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