Re: Antuino - the antenna analyzer

Jerry Gaffke

Tacking an AD8307 into a uBitx between the 12mhz crystal filter and the demodulator
could make it useful as a spectrum analyzer.  
Given the better crystal filter and the higher first IF of the uBitx,
should be a better choice than an Antuino.
Though may not fit into a cubesat.

The AD8307 is $13 each up on Mouser.
Ebay sellers have them at about $0.30 each.
The ebay parts reportedly work well enough, but may be a bit out of spec
with regard to calibration.

On Fri, Dec 28, 2018 at 09:46 PM, Jerry Gaffke wrote:
I was assuming the Antuino would have a set of front end filters for each region of interest.
Though the 25mhz IF is kind of low for this to be convenient.

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