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Despite the data sheet implying that pins 1,4,and 5 are tied together internally only pins 1 and 5 are tied together.  I just examined one to confirm this.




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My ADE-1 document just says that pins 1,4,5 are all ground, 
3 is RF, 6 is LO, and 2 is IF. out.
Your schematic suggests that 4 is only the "ground" for the RF port,
and is not connected to the other two ground pins internally.

I suppose R21,R29,R16, and an antenna on P3 would form a balanced
bridge when the antenna is 50 ohms, CLK1 is driving the antenna and the top of the bridge.
The ADE-1 RF port sees any imbalance across the bridge.
CLK2 into the LO port is 25mhz above (or below) CLK1.

Still no idea what CLK0 and P4 are up to.


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And last but not lest, what the devil is going on around that ADE-1 mixer?

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