Re: Bitx40 - Not Transmitting #bitx40help #bitx40

Timothy Fidler

On second thoughts, you replaced the main  board ( I re read earlier post) . The chance of having two bad K1 relays seems remote - depending on what voltage you are running the thing on and how much use they have had.

2. Bear in mind ONLY a electret,  aka ceramic mike insert will work with this Bitx40 board as it stands.  If you replaced the microphone with a dynamic microphone as part of the testing ,  it won't work. (The circuit feeds out a low dc voltage to the microphone insert which the Dynamic Microphone does NOT want to see.) If you went.  Problem - > change to Dyna mike,  Problem remains,  ->change out PCB but retain second mike , I can see  where this is heading. (?)

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