Re: uBITX Low Power Output

Rod Russell-Brown

Hi Bret,

I got a result, not perfect but It will do for what I want.  I adjusted up RV1, a 100ohm trim pot which is before the final chain.  It didn't solve the problem of why the difference between CW and SSB.  The trimpot cranked the whole output up somewhere near 10w.  I can now get 3w CW and 10w SSB so that is close enough.  As I mentioned in the thread, some bands were higher on CW and others lower.

One suggestion had been that oscillators were giving different outputs.  Never got that far.



On Thu, 27 Dec 2018 at 06:07, Bret Mills <bret.wx7y@...> wrote:
Hi Rod, 
Did you ever get your low power issue resolved?
I have finally gotten around to getting my UBITX V3 board done and on the air and I find the same issue as you have described here on this thread. 
about 3 Watt's is about all I can get out and that is on 20 Meters when driving the Mosfet's to about 125MA Bias. 

You can email me back direct bret.wx7y@... if you like.
thanks and 73's

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