Re: Help on parts and or repairs !

Timothy Fidler


there are cases where people have wanted a new Raduino and hfsignals has allegedly sold one of those , independently of other hardware (via an email enquiry to the  letterbox ).  That was $25 USD plus shipping last I saw.  Subtract that from what you paid for your board and that will give you an idea of the cost you are up for.   (A fair proportion of the original price )
2. Re contacting HF signals - you could get cheeky and sniff around for a recent post/ans by A. Farhan on this wunnerful (sic)  BBS and reply to him about cost and arrangements for getting a new main board. 

3. There is another option (but with greater technical risk)  if you have not put it into a min. size case and if the board works fine on Rx.  It needs 25 mW to drive it . You will need to ensure you have somewhere on the existing PCB that has this power available.  He does not state the input impedance of the  .... hust ma mouth... look at the input Z measurements by Fred  down the bottom of the referenced page.  BTW others (AN Other) AKA the mad radio modder has allegedly had the modified kit working on 6m SSB and it appears that the Hans 10 W kit is the one to do just that (with other mods on the HF signals board and firmware  too)

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