Help on parts and or repairs !

What a trip! Got my kit a few months back and even before I stared the
build I came across KD8CEC mods and followed that until I had that done,
built my case installed (may have buggered something at this time) the
board etc. Receive works, but the finals blew on first ptt, repalced,
check all and again blew burning trace to pa. fixed trec replaced pa's
third time and again the same. Tried checking things but nothing found,
Did fine one leg of bias pot missing ??? On fourth try after replacing
pa's and 10k bias pots there was no smoke, actually nothing, no current
draw, my circuit diagonis and my age is getting worse and older :). I have
come to this, I want to just buy a new board and drop it in my case and
should be good to go.. Where and how do i go about just ordering a main
board... thanks for reading this kind of long post and any help


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