Re: Encoder knob (with a nod to knobs in general) #parts #3d_printing #ubitx

Tony Frey

Nice, are you going to post your file anywhere?

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Subject: Re: [BITX20] Encoder knob (with a nod to knobs in general) #ubitx #3d_printing #parts
Lee, I'm largely self-taught...I've been learning it as I teach intermediate and high school students how to use the tools available in this amazing age.

Just this week I learned enough to model and design an enclosure for my uBITX that can be cut and folded out of a single sheet of aluminum, even though I am unwilling to keep it simple. I'll cut it on a CNC router, fold it, and rivet or weld it.

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Very nice.   I wish I new something about Fusion 360.   I've been thinking of getting a Prusa 3D printer with my income tax return.
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