Encoder knob (with a nod to knobs in general) #parts #3d_printing #ubitx

David Negaard

While waiting for time to finish building my uBITX (and a suitable antennal—gotta love condo living!), I've been working on proliferation peripheral projects to make my rig my own. I'm an avid CAD hobbyist using Fusion 360, and have access to a 3D printer and CNC routers, among other cool tools, through my work; I teach a STEM class, along with English, at a local high school.

My first prototype of my first design, a knob for the encoder, just came off the printer this morning. It needs a little cleaning, but overall I'm really happy with it. I'll use the same basic design cuts for the volume knob, and for various other projects that may cross my bench.


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