Re: UBITX Current Production (spur fix ?) #ubitx


Another member just received a new µBITX board and it has new relays.  Farhan reported that to be the case but we hadn't yet seen a board with the new relays 'in the wild'.  There's been no assessment yet on other mods that might mitigate spurs, and since there doesn't yet seem to be an assessment on the 'best' way to solve that problem, there likely aren't any spur fixes on production boards yet.

73, Andy, KG5RKP

On Thu, Dec 6, 2018 at 11:12 AM, Mark Hinkleman wrote:


Does the current uBITX production version include the spur  and harmonic improvement mods that have been discussed on this group? (ie new relays, etc)
If not,  when can one expect changes to be made to be made on present production. 

I'm Going to buy a ubitx, but wanted to wait unit purity issues are solved. 

Thanks in advance for info
Mark NU8Z

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