Re: a simple spur fix


No worries Nick - nothing wrong with circles.  hi hi  Revising the thread I see that you were part of it - sorry for the redundant link.

Here are Allison's suggestions for the two RF amps:
45mhz IF replace (Q20, Q21, Q22) with BFR106.  Change R23 to 18ohms.  Change R27 to 39 ohms.
12mhz IF amp change R43 to 18 ohma and put a .1uf in series with 680 ohms across R41.


On Mon, Nov 12, 2018 at 08:36 PM, Nick VK4PP wrote:
Thanks Andy.
I have read that, but its all over the place a bit. Probably easy enough if you have a thorough working knowledge of electronics, But for a NOOB like me, I get some of what is said., but really a step by step
replace this with that. and maybe a commoners explanation of what is happening. Could be a good lesson on how these amps work.

My apologies if I seem to be going round in circles. but hey.

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