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You might want to check out my uBITX build on QRZ.


Many of the modifications discussed on this site have been implemented during the build including those to improve harmonic and spurious signal suppression. There are lots of pictures and SA screen shots before and after the modifications were done.




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wait seems like a good approach.  the mods we are doing do not require any holes or cuts into the board, but I imagine you meant it figuratively.  I have the parts and daughter board for the added relays, but have not started the repair.  the board we are using was designed by someone else who provided artwork, and we ordered enough of them for our group build (so possibly someone here knows it - a clue is that we replace the input side of the switched filter function).  then someone bought the needed parts from a single supplier.  when we have enough successful verification I will encourage our team to post the info.  to me it seems a nice approach for the world-wide community to use as it is arranged for ease of installation with simple tools and skills.  we have a spectrum analyzer available - but I get it, a desirable fix will be reproducible with confidence as few amateurs around the world have such equipment.  I did not see your email on qrz yet -- you are welcome to email me to gather further data when I have it.  Meanwhile enjoy your ubitx in the lower spectrum, not through a power amp. 



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