Re: Added characters while using the keyer function #ubitx

Dave Dixon

         I placed a 5k1 resistor in each cw wiring line to the cw socket and do not get any extra charactors and get what i send,,,.It works for me and has done for 12 months.I use a bencher paddle key and 20 wpm and use my bitx most days on various bands plus i have 2 other ubitx transceivers which run KD8 CEC firmware,I am impressed with all 3..Regards  Dave G0AYD..

On Thu, 6 Dec 2018 at 19:45, john mathieson <john.ac8jw@...> wrote:
I have a V3 ubitx given to me and I have added a jack for an imabic keyer.  Seems to work but I am finding that it will sometimes send dah dit dit dit dah when I send the letter C.  Just a bit disconcerting. The contacts on the key have been cleaned but I  am still getting an occassional missed character when I send.  I am running KD8CEC firmware on the nano with Iambic B setting in Ian's program.  This of course does not happen when using a straight key but then there are other issues there as well.  

Thanks in advance
John AC8JW

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