Consider the Bitx40, clean and cheap for 40m

Jerry Gaffke

Most traffic in this forum is now all about the uBitx, a very capable rig for all of HF.

Those put off by the need for mods to reduce harmonics and spurs on the uBitx
should consider the simpler Bitx40.
Usable out of the box, only issue is that the stock firmware shifts around
occasionally by 50 hz due to noise when reading the tuning pot
with the Nano's ADC.

I recommend Allard's basic bitx40 firmware, requires no mods, fixes the 
operating frequency drift issue, adds a number of other new features.
Some minor hardware mods are optional, adding the Function switch is a good idea.

If so inclined, Allard's  bitx40_raduino_2  firmware adds even more features,
though does require some minor mods:

The Bitx40 is very good deal at $59, and being a single band 40m rig it does not 
have the complications that come from the wide band approach of the uBitx.

Jerry Gaffke,  KE7ER

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