CW Zero Beat


Hello all

I have been working on a few projects and one of them is ready

CW Zero Beat

I don't know if anyone would be interested in a CW Zero Beat but I have 9 in kit and 1 built for testing in the video. If more people are interested I will make more, seeing as this is a CW only item I did not want to be sitting on 100 of them with no interest.

They are 13$ shipped US or 13$+actual shipping outside conus.

I can build them for you for 2$ extra or only solder the surface mount and allow you to build your own.

J1-Power in 9-12V

RV1- Audio in adjustment

J2- Audio in

RV2- Center Freq Adjustment


Questions please e-mail me direct @ dherron at live dot com


I am also working on a new digital controlled audio level project (AGC) and hope to have more info soon but we are only in the prototype stage at this time.


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