Re: Bitx40 Power Supply - stackeing 4 2032 Lithium coin batterieis?

Bill Cromwell

Hi Allison,

In other words we really can't put 10 pounds of balogna in a one pound sack.


Bill KU8H

On 11/25/18 4:02 PM, ajparent1/KB1GMX wrote:
Seriously poor choice for battery.
It will be a short and very unhappy life for those cells.
I'd consider 8 AA cells undersized!  On RX its around 150ma and TX  over 450ma
and peaks to 2.5A (some higher or lower) for the uBitx.  Most used a 7-9Ah gell
12V battery or 4ah (4000mah) or more LiFePo battery if weight is an issue.
The Bitx 40 will be better but still assume 80ma RX (analog version) and more for the
Raduino equipped on RX and TX at full power maybe 2A.
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