Re: Help needed with KD8CEC memory manager


Rich,  FWIW - That is the error I received (using windows) after my Nano got fried.  Would connect, but data transfers failed.
Good Luck!
Woody   KZ4AK

On 11/24/2018 21:59, richard_a_morrisey via Groups.Io wrote:
Hello - I am also getting error receive length = 1/1027. I have tried almost every possible combination of firmware and MM. I was successful with 1.097beta over the summer, then tried the I2C meter. At one point I lost the ability to communicate via Memory Manager to EEPROM. I use linux ans I am able to upload .hex and use the IDE to read all EEPROM values. For Memory Manager I need to use wine. I've used it successfully in the past this way. I was able to calibrate and save settings etc.

Can someone please help guide me to the best solution.

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