Re: CW operation uBitX #ubitxcw



Beats me as to what you might be hearing. The lowest frequency made by the ubitx is 12 MHz. Okay possible that it might have some carrier leakage, way down there. Yes its possible you might be hearing result of carrier leakage mixing with bfo. Its likely no issue at all.

Extra connector for cw? Please note that ubitx modulates cw based upon one pin going into raduino. Even stranger,  cw sending is based upon having a resistor in series with key or paddle. On off keying uses a 4.7k resistor you likely already installed. To use paddle, you need 2 added resistors of a particular value for dit and dah. Okay, you could host these resistors inside with an added connector.

Assuming you are adding ND3T agc, yes that should be nice. Enjoy your journey with ubitx.


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