Re: Raduino clicking when microphone is connected or keying CW. #ubitx-help #radiuno

Rick Price

Does your lapel mike have a TRS (tip/ring/sleeve) plug or just TS(tip/sleeve).  If just a monaural TS plug it is shorting the PTT lead to ground causing it to go into xmit. Just a thought. Also if it has a TRS plug is the ring isolated from the TS.

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Subject: Re: [BITX20] Raduino clicking when microphone is connected or keying CW. #ubitx-help #radiuno

I am currently in the same situation.  I have a simple lapel mic and every time I plug it in the rig goes into transmit mode, it's almost like there's a short.  I've attached the diagram from the BitX40 but it's not quite what I'm looking for.  Is there a good diagram for the uBitX Mic jack with PTT?  The diagrams I've seen don't specify if you're seeing the top or the bottom of the connector.

I've attached photos, probably too many, and hopefully someone from this awesome group and point out my error


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Hello, solder-melters,

I'm experiencing constant clicking from the raduino when my microphone is plugged in. The display indicates it is switching from RX to TX continuously. When I disconnect the microphone, it stops. If I key up the PTT, the clicking stops and I am able to transmit. I can hear myself on a receiver, so the microphone is working. As soon as I let go of PTT, the radio continues to switch between RX and TX, clicking the whole time. I have re-soldered all connections to the jack, and also the microphone in an attempt to troubleshoot, but this resulted in no change.

I wired up the key jack for a straight key. When I key CW, I hear a continuous tone behind my dits, and when I cease transmitting, the tone continuous for about a second, then the raduino clicks and the radio returns to RX.

I'm not experienced and have no idea where to start troubleshooting. I've made sure all connections are solid, but I'm starting to wonder if this is a software issue. I am running version 1.08 of KD8CEC's firmware.

Any ideas? Thanks!

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