Re: Power supply

Jerry Gaffke

The spec's say that the Eventek switcher has "ripple and noise" of "0.5% V P-P", so 0.005*12 = 60mv P-P at 12v out.
The MFJ4230MV has "ripple and noise < 100mv", that may be rms, definitely worse than the Eventek.
The Tekpower says "CV < 1mv rms", so more than an order of magnitude better than the other two.

The MFJ4230MV has the worst spec of the bunch, but works fine with my Swan 100MX.
Depends on the frequency components of that noise, better not radiate stuff above 1mhz.
Assumes the high gain audio amps in the receiver reject supply voltage noise.
About the best you can do is try it and see.
I've never tried the MFJ4230MV on my uBitx.

On Sat, Nov 24, 2018 at 09:00 AM, Jerry Gaffke wrote:
Here's a cheaper one, this one is a switcher so is probably (but not necessarily if they did it right) noisier:

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