Re: To shield or not to shield, that is the question.


Well when we build a radio into a metal box, then attach several wires to it, that can compromise the shielding. And cut a large opening for a display its not as shielded.

I have a slight preference for a metal case, but its effectiveness can be exaggerated.  it is a bit more effective as gathering conductors together.

When EM fields outside the box are similar to what's inside, there isn't a strong case for shielding. and even in a metal box, I remember a few rigs that require more distance away from a linear power supply.

Your choice may depend upon available packaging materials and your ability to work them. Some folk are using nice 3d printed or other plastic cases can weigh in. Nor am I trying to reduce business for a fine ubitx case maker in India.

73 enjoy your build and radiations.


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