Re: Raduino clicking when microphone is connected or keying CW. #ubitx-help #radiuno

Bill Cromwell


Are you familiar with WebSDR? Those are SDR receive stations that are shared over the web. You can find them in various places covering various parts of the spectrum. Multiple users can use each one of them at the same time on different frequencies and different modes. If you don't know about them you should look into them and play with them a little.

Some key features are:

They are not in the same room as your transmitter! Does that ring any bells? :)

You get some idea how well your transmitter and antenna are getting out various locations. When you look those up on the WebSDR site they tell your right where they are:)

They are not in the same location as your industrial QRM. If industrial noise is giving you trouble at your home location you might consider using one of these receivers at it's quieter remote location and using your transmitter at your home to work other stations you hear on the Web SDR receiver. Choose wisely. If your are using a Web based SDR that is shared from Timbuktu in central Africa from San Diego on 80 meter CW you will probably not work anything that station can hear even though you can hear it. Choose a station that is in your own region so that other hams you hear on the remote receiver have a chance of hearing your transmitter:) There may be some pleasant surprises.


Bill KU8H

On 11/23/18 6:46 PM, KN4IYL wrote:
Bill, you caught me. The receiver is about a foot away. Lesson learned, and thanks for everybody's input.
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