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Mike Woods


It's pretty easy to kill a nano.   See

And it may have been RF, putting the connector on one pin out of line, and a whole bunch of other ways ...


On 24/11/18 1:04 PM, Woody wrote:
Thanks to a comment from Jim, one problem solved.   Idiot me did not adjust the display contrast before deciding the kit had an assembly problem.   A tweek of the contrast pot, and there where characters!

Still wonder why the original nano died...   At least I can now proceed to trouble shoot the main ubitx board.

Woody    KZ4AK


On 11/23/2018 20:05, Woody wrote:
Will welcome any suggestions...

Using UBITX_CEC_V1.080_16P.hex. Original Raduino died during transmitter testing.    Display: Top row all filled characters, Bottom row no characters.  This is what is displayed while waiting for boot to complete with working unit...  Tried to reload firmware...
UBITX Manager: Connects OK (38,400 baud), but READ UBITX returns error - [6:31] ERROR RECEIVE LENGTH = 0/1027
Reset does not return error.   After "reset ubitx", reconnect and tried to upload original btx file - reported success...
Using XLOADER, tried uploading UBITX_CEC_V1.080_16P.hex again (57,600 baud, at 38,400 - can't open port)  ---  Tries to upload, but stuck at "uploading...", never completes.

So...  Ordered new Raduino kit from W0EB.  Different problem: Display lights, no characters either row.
Memory manager connects, Read ubitx seems to work.  Got data and the info: [6:57 PM] Check sum compare 57:57
[6:57 PM] READ SAMPLE : 02,D2,DD,FF,FF,00,00,00,00,B2,0E,B7,00,00,00,00,00,10,93,6B,00,C8,09,6F,00,00,00,00,00,0E,00,00,
Memory Manager
Reset seems to work.
Loading btx from file reports "success".

Using Xloader, loaded UBITX_CEC_V1.080_16P.hex,  apparently successful.
Lit, but still blank display.

THEN... Put the new arduino nano (from W0EB) in the original Raduino board.   Seems to work!

Apparently I have two issues.  A bad Nano in original, and something wrong with my new kit.
I have carefully examined all solder joints using 10x eye loop and 20x stereo microscope.  No bridging, joints look OK.

Two questions:
1) Any suggestions about why the original Nano died?  Don't want a repeat!
2) What could be causing the lit but blank display on the new kit?

Thanks for any suggestions.
Woody,  KZ4AK

Mike Woods

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