Great Results with Mic Preamp

Mike Lichtman

This might be old news to some but was new to me. I saw the mic preamp for using a dynamic mic with radios designed for electrets in the Hints and Kinks column of the Dec 18 QST. It is only 4 parts and is powered by the radio's voltage to the electret. I was getting voice peaks of 5 to 10 watts on 80m with the electret and with the dynamic and preamp went to 15 w. I am in CA and a station in AZ said the signal was stronger and better audio quality. I am using an inexpensive Audiotechnica dynamic mic. When I look on the panadaptor on my QRO radio, I did not see any spurs. I made it with parts from my junk box so the cost was zero and I can use it with my other QRP rigs. 73 and Happy Thanksgiving, Mike KF6KXG

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