Re: Ruh Roh - uBitx v3 Arduino firmware update FAIL #arduino #firmware


The Arduino platform is GREAT for beginners as you don't HAVE to get down and dirty with all the registers and such on the CPU.  Other people have taken care of that for you in the wonderful libraries available for it.  For me....I develop micro-controllers for a living and it to me a little getting used to not having to play with the registers.


On Wed, Nov 14, 2018 at 9:11 AM Daniel <gonewiththeego@...> wrote:

Hi! As Mr. Jack Purdum stated in an earlier post, to work properly, the Arduino IDE wants your sketch to reside in a directory with the same name as your sketch, in our case "ubitx_20" because our main file is ubitx_20.ino. So you create a folder with this name and put inside all the files you find in the source code, there are 7 files if I remember correct. Now it should compile at least. If it's not uploading I think it has something to do with wrong settings around the Arduino board (driver, port number, board version, bootloader version, etc.). I hope you will get through. And by the way, CAT kontrol works also with the factory firmware. Good luck!

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