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Bill Cromwell

Hi Wayne,

Shielding can be added to the interior of those "attractive plastic boxes". I made my own steel box from new steel. But I have used the aluminum foil lining inside wood or plastic boxes, The heavier foil pans that are sold for baking or the ones frozen meals come in are much sturdier than the paper thin foil sold for wrapping food.


Bill KU8H

On 11/9/18 5:20 PM, Lawrence Galea wrote:
Have you tried putting the amplifier on the back panel?
On Fri, Nov 9, 2018 at 5:59 AM Wayne Leake <wayneleake@... <mailto:wayneleake@...>> wrote:
 Regarding the shielded enclosures, yup, most good radios are
enclosed in metal cases.
 Receiver only is far less fussy.
 I was looking at a number of possible cases for my BITX, and
decided on a BUD enclosure, all aluminum
 It is big enough for the HF Signal BITX40, but turns out not for
another BITX I am assembling.
 Boards too wide to fit both exciter and PA boards in it.
 I see all these great looking plastic cases, but figured that I do
not want to go with no shielding.
 Hence the one that will go into a cassette  deck case will have
 The ferrite beads have their places, but don't take the place of
good shielding, which may also help prevent images and harmonics ,
plus spurs, from escaping.
 Wayne WA2YNE
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