Re: Apparent component swap in design and assembly of pc board v3 #ubitx-help

Ashhar Farhan

thanks for the spot. i will fix this along with other changes soon.

- f

On Wed, Nov 7, 2018 at 9:06 PM iz oos <and2oosiz2@...> wrote:

Mine is like yours, injecting a signal of around S3 was clearly audible anyway, that swap does not jeopardise anything.

Il 07/nov/2018 03:05, "Howard Fidel" <sonic1@...> ha scritto:
Really? R37 and C32 are in series, so the order makes no difference, although the schematic is drawn incorrectly. Fix your schematic.

On 11/6/2018 8:38 PM, ce3afc@... wrote:
According to the schematic v3, capacitor C32 should be connected on one side to pin 2 (emitter) of Q32 and resistor R36 and the other side to R37.  In my board both components are swapped and so are the silk screened references.  Is this a general PC board design and assembly mistake or just my board.  Correction can be made unsoldering both components and swapping them again.  Just the wrong silk screened references will remain.  Any advice will be appreciated.  Thank you!

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