Re: FT8

Praba Karan

Are isolation transformers not necessary?

On Thu, Nov 8, 2018, 6:11 PM Nigel G4ZAL <nigel@...> wrote:

I tweaked my ubitx so I have an 'all in one' rig for FT8 and other digi modes, including CAT control (FT-817 emulation).
Added an un-powered 4 port USB hub inside the rig and used a cheap USB sound card (discarded casing shown to right side of the pics below).
I cut the USB cable and hard wired the USB hub from the back panel and on into the Raduino via the USB hub (didn't connect the USB 5v power into the Raduino).
Hacked the USB sound card so I could wire it directly to the corresponding MIC and SPKR wiring (used an old PC CD-ROM audio cable).
I'm using the latest firmware KD8CEC in the ubitx and now have CAT control, sound etc over one USB cable to my PC/laptop.

I can also upload new firmware without opening the case.


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