Re: Boy Scout activity event

Martin KM6TCD

Get them to make a tape measure beam antenna, then send them on a hunt.
Sent: Wednesday, November 07, 2018 at 6:22 AM
From: "Art Olson" <olson339@...>
Subject: [BITX20] Boy Scout activity event
I am looking for some ideas that can be used in a 30 minute window, or less, to introduce ham radio to a dozen scouts. My idea is to employ a few HTs in simplex mode, divide the the groups into 2 or 3 per team. Have each team search for something ( not defined) using the HTs and clues to where the something is located. Each team will have a licensed operator with them during the activity. Also this will be an evening event in a church activity building. Any ideas welcome. This is an opportunity to spark interest and get involved for the scouts.

Art N2AJO 

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