Re: Boy Scout activity event

Jeff WJ3FF

This sounds like a ton of fun!

How about a ham radio escape room? Make up a fictional scenario whereby the kids must assemble a radio station to call in a rescue or pass on secret spy intelligence, etc. Have the kids form small groups of 2-3 to work on the different parts, such as cutting the dipole, soldering the last couple parts on a Pixie kit, building a clothespin cw key, translating the mayday or spy message into Morse and sending it.

Alternatively, you could contrive a search and rescue game where you have people hiding in need of rescue, rescuers waiting for calls, cached resources such as food and medicine, etc.  The kids travel over the property and use the radios to coordinate the appropriate responses to each discovery. 

Now I’m all excited to create something like this in my area. Thanks for the inspiration!

Jeff, WJ3FF

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