Re: PSK31 ghosts below my signal

Don - KM4UDX

I re-read your note, and I may have made a mistake.
I wasn't running psk when I did the carrier test.
I just pulled the pill bottle mic apart and used the PPT and  shorted the mic element to ground
Does this matter?

I know of people with scopes...I'll ask one of the technically sophisticated radio engineers (we have a few) in the local club to take a look at it. They have scopes and smarts.

Is this fixable, or just a feature of the design? 

I've had good digital QSO's above 80m,
so I know it works (flaws and all...) with jt8, and all the other digital modes, for which I am VERY thankful. 
Fortunately, the digital modes are very forgiving of marginal signals....hahaha.


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