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Bill Cromwell


Radio newbies may not know how to actually use a radio to find the desired signals. The uBitx is terribly easy to use - *IF* we know how to operate a radio on the air. That is how I see the poster's question. It's obvious to me if he (and other newbies) already knew all of those things they wouldn't be asking those basic questions. The kind of qy=uestions some hams call 'dumb questions'. They aren't really dumb questions. Those basic questions are how we find the path to new skills.

Youtube cinematography anybody? I am not so sure I could give a good explanation in this text only format even with a couple of photos. I feel the need to learn how to make and post youtube videos. In the past there was just no substitute for the old-timer showing the newbie what to do in person while sitting in front of real hardware. Something like youtube or a podcast (whatever that is) may be our best choice now.


Bill KU8H

On 11/05/2018 10:32 AM, Ghericoan wrote:
Do you mean in general or do you have a specific use case in mind?

The bitx is rather simple to use as all functions such as frequency
adjust, calibration and sideband change are all performed using the
rotary encoder and its built in button.

On Mon, Nov 5, 2018, 4:03 AM Karsten Heddenhausen
<@dc7os <mailto:@dc7os> wrote:

Hi everyone,

at the Moment i build my µBITX. I read a lot of hints, suggestions,
Firmware updates. But i can't find the most Import thing for me:
where could i get a documentation how to use the µBITX?

73 de Karsten DC7OS

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