Re: Ubitx5 ?

Mike Woods


Ashhar is not very forthcoming about plans!  It would be nice to see the v4 boards getting the fixes we know about that work ... like substituting relays to reduce harmonics and a fix for the spurs using SMD components.  None of these fixes would necessitate a new v5 board.

I suspect a v5 board would first require identifying the cause of some of the other issues ... i.e. a fix for IMD issues in the bi-di stages, or addressing the issues with carrier leakage, etc.


On 2/11/18 3:17 AM, Dennis Yancey wrote:
are there any plans in place for a v5 uBitx?
need to know if I need to startpitting pennies back to purchase it.
72 and God bless

Mike Woods

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