Re: Ubitx with 4 nos of IRF510 in the final

Timothy Fidler

This was done some years back by a Japanese ham on an amp using RD16HH mosfets.** . I have limited documentation on this matter.  His modication was to put  approx 8T ECW (you choose dia )  on a one watt 100R resistor on the gate of each Mosfet and treat the three legged device thus created  as  a drop in replacement for a MFet .   Bear in mind you need to keep the Source to  zero volt distance as short as possible or you may face oscillation issues  - you also have to get the heat away from the combined Mosfet.    2. There is no free lunch;  By doing this you halve the input impedance of the amplifier thus created  and you need double the power in to get double the power out - if you present a lower impedance amp to an existing cct you may in fact get LOWER power out because of loading on the preceding amplifier .  Since the input z has been halved,  you need to look at the input transformer design.

** Low input C device; your mileage may vary. 

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