Re: uBITX Tx timeout

Bill Cromwell

Hi Dave,

Obviously unattended operation is allowed where you live and are licensed. Some of that is allowed where I live too but the problem you have outlined is the main reason I don't do unattended operation. The remote controlled power switch that Kevin suggests looks like a good solution but you will still have to know when it needs to be used.

Good luck with it.


Bill KU8H

On 10/31/2018 02:25 AM, David - CA3DPV wrote:

I use an old laptop for FT8 with my uBitx and works perfect (CAT via
USB). But sometimes my computer hangs (BSOD) and, when the uBitx is in
Tx, the radio keep transmitting.

I use this computer via TeamViewer, but i don't wanna fry the power
output when i'm at work and i can't power off the radio when my PC
hangs. Can i set a TOT to protect my radio? Any firmware with this feature?

73 from Santiago de Chile,

David, CA3DPV
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