Re: looking for a 40M QRP SSB kit

Timothy Fidler

The only way to do a Mkars80 conversion is to change the IF to  12 Mhz and make all the corresponding changes of which there are many.   If you want a correct frequency display you will have to get new software from the vendor .For obvious reasons he doss not want to support potential tech idiots with no grasp on something he did not even sell them.  Some have tried to convert it with 10 M IF and is is nest of snakes.  If you don't get the software upgrade it might twork but you will have to have a look up table for the frequencies  (It uses Huf  and Puff VFO so the VFO just locks on last frequency it saw .. it does not use a rotary encoder or the like.  Be  quick.  If you look at the site it is  clear he is going to shut down production for lack o some components , in particular the  VFO  Polyvarcon.   It would be a VERY nice radio on 40m as it is fully engineered , not just  box of components chucked together for maximum profit  and with a switched IF and other changes , it could in  fact be an 80/40 dual band tcvr.  TEF  Oct 18 (in case this cget cut and pasted to forward). 

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