Re: uBitX CW Sidetone Volume

Bill Cromwell


I installed a small pot (10k) in series with the line into the audio channel from the Raduino. The trace I broke is on the top of uBitx mother board to the right of the Raduino socket (looking at the board from the front). I cut the trace with a hobby knife, scraped the green paint off, and soldered the center and one end of the pot to those leads. The sidetone volume can then be adjusted and mine is down with the level of incoming signals. Make sure the pot (and the cut trace) is far enough to the right to clear the Raduino when it is plugged in.


Bill KU8H

On 10/29/2018 05:51 AM, Marko Pavlicevic wrote:
Even after replacing R253 with higher value, CW TONE is still loud.
If I remove R253, I can hear CW TONE in headphones!

Is there a way to implement CW TONE volume control in RADUINO?

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