Dummy Load Resistors

Jack, W8TEE


A number of you have written me privately saying you're having trouble finding the 1K 3W resistors for the dummy load project (Nov., 2018, QST). If you don't have access to QST, you can download the assembly manual from our site:

Evidently, some eBay suppliers say they have them, but the order quickly becomes a back order. Check before you order. Someone just wrote to me and said Arrow carries them:


but they are saying a December delivery. I bought mine from Rich at communications-lab.com:

You may want to write first, as he was moving his business to HI when we last spoke. Also, if you know that you're always going to be using QRP power levels, you could cut back on the wattage and that should make them easier to find (and cheaper).

Jack, W8TEE

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