Re: Nextion Basic 3.2 Display will not update #ubitx

Vince Vielhaber

I'm replying to an old post, much of it was about SD cards with the Nextion displays (for those that use email, not the web). 

I got a 4.3" Nextion Enhanced display for a non-bitx project and tried HC and HC-I SD cards to get it to load the firmware.  All of the attempts were made formatting the cards as VFAT32 from Linux, all were dismal failures.

What I finally had to do was format one in my wife's laptop (long format) to get it to recognize it as VFAT32.  Also what I did to avoid having to format it like that again was to use dd and make an image of the blank, formatted card.

The first one I tried to use was just an HC.  No go. The display still didn't like it. The second one was an HC-I card.  That one worked.  Also that one was formatted using the above mentioned image. 

I hope this helps someone else that may encounter similar problems.

Vince - K8ZW (using the group's web interface)

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