Re: How does the Raduino on the BITX40 know it's in Transmit? #bitx40help #bitx40 #calibration

Timothy Fidler

MT did you try my suggestion to install the NBR 12 xtal ..the highest of the complete set to try to pull the BFO up and get the USB out of the way ?  IF not , You have a socket , suggest you try it - given .   Also have you used the variable capacitor at the BFO to the same end ? Remember too that when you did the change out you now have a set of capacitors that are NOT calculated for you xtal set in the Cohn filter.  It may be fine but it is all in the reason of should be.  Finally to avoid changing out the cheap and nasty L in the BFO set (it looks too small to be of much use (I suspect the intent is to set the BFO wrt filter by xtal selection primarily) - finally you could use the next lower xtal set (that you made up by freq measurement - not shown on this post - ) to install as a pair in //el in your socket  to make up a super Vxo which is much more pullable using the LC set and you can go upp up and away.. up the ladder of success (like Don Draper/Dick Whitman  in the Lift ). MMen ;  Love it. 

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