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William Ford <ford1@...>

Component parcel received today.many thanks Jack

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Sent: Thursday, June 24, 2004 4:57 PM
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Just to let you know that all the components arrived this morning, from
three different suppliers. The LM386 was from Farnell because I wasn't sure
that the Rapid Electronics version was the correct LM386N-1 version. All
components have been counted out and shipped, UK orders by first class post
(should arrive tomorrow morning) and international orders via airmail.

When I'd finished there were 14 BC547 transistors left over. This could be
because they are so cheap that counting them precisely costs Rapid more than
giving a few extra. Or it could be that I messed up my own counting, as the
whole process was rather tedious and I have been having a very stressful
day. If anyone is missing any then let me know, or needs some extra spares.

I owe quite a few of you emails and also have a couple of other things to
say, but am too busy to do it today so pls QRX

72/3 de Hans G0UPL

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