Re: One Month With The uBitx

Curt M.

Thanks Jack!  The uBitx is definitely a sleeper product.  All of us on here know about it but there are so many people that do not.  I made a quick sort of a raw video of my uBitx and sent it to some local hams.  A few of them immediately ordered one.  I'm sure they will have a lot of fun with it also.    

I just built up one of the QRSS WSPR 6 band kit from QRP-Labs.  That's a fairly time consuming kit if you are going to build all of the filters but the reward is very much worth it.  I have a 40m QCX on the way which I hope will entice me to get a little more proficient with CW.  In the next week I have the 10W linear amp for the QSX coming so I can get that part built while Hans finishes up the things that he needs to on the QSX.  Luckily he's going to make it an option to buy the QSX without the amp so anyone that wants to get a jump on building that kit can order the amp now and the rest later.  I really feel like the QSX is going to be the first game changer of many to come in the modern day world of kit radios.


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